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Delivering the PROMISE of regenerative healing


MedShield™ is a regenerative tissue matrix that may be used as a therapeutic graft in numerous clinical applications. Due to its fetal origin, the innate regenerative capability of the tissue supports healing without adhesion or scar formation.

Amniotic Regenerative Healing - Peer Reviewed Articles

Protective Barrier


Amniotic tissue acts as an immune-privileged protective barrier during fetal development. Applied as an anatomical barrier, MedShield offers mechanical protection while providing a regenerative tissue matrix with speci c anti-in ammatory, anti-scarring and anti-microbial properties.

Natural Regenerative Healing


In the fetal wound-healing environment, there is a notable absence of broblast or in ammatory cell activity, leading to regenerative rather than scar-mediated healing. MedShield’s proprietary process preserves the natural regenerative healing properties of the tissue and the endogenous growth factors responsible for promoting healthy epithelial tissue formation while inhibiting brogenesis.

Safety and Versatility


Amniotic tissue is recovered from young, healthy mothers who have undergone cesarean delivery, and is processed in accordance with FDA regulations and AATB standards. Amniotic tissue has been used for over 100 years with excellent clinical success.

MedShield is available in 3 thicknesses for key applications


Spine & NeurosurgeryAdhesion Barrier, Wrap, Patch
Foot & AnkleWrap, Adhesion Barrier
Wound CareProtective Bandage, Wound Covering
Burn CareBiological Dressing, Wound Covering
DermatologyTherapeutic Bandage, Wound Covering
OphthalmologyReconstructive Patch, Wound Covering
Oral SurgeryReconstructive Patch
UrologyNerve Wrap

Key Features:


  • MedShield Max is a maximum natural thickness graft derived from umbilical cord. Approximately 8x thicker than traditional amnion, MedShield Max can be sutured and is easy to handle.
  • MedShield is a traditional single layer amnion for topical wounds/burns or dermatologic applications.
  • MedShield requires no up-front preparation, and hydrates rapidly in the surgical site.
  • MedShield is stored at room temperature with a 5-year shelf-life.
  • MedShield MatrixTM is our medium thickness allograft offering improved handling and increased workability.

Product Configurations:

MedShield Solo™ (THIN)

1x1 cmMSS010100-BZ
2x2 cmMSS020200-BZ
2x3 cmMSS020300-BZ
3x3 cmMSS030300-BZ
4x4 cmMSS040400-BZ
4x8 cmMSS040800-BZ
7x7 cmMSS070700-BZ
10x10 cmMSS101000-BZ
10x12 cmMSS101200-BZ
2x12 cmMSS021200-BZ

MedShield Matrix™ (MEDIUM)

1x1 cmMSP010100-BZ
2x2 cmMSP020200-BZ
2x3 cmMSP020300-BZ
4x4 cmMSP040400-BZ
4x6 cmMSP040600-BZ
4x8 cmMSP040800-BZ

MedShield Max™ (THICK)

1x2 cmMSM010200-BZ
2x2 cmMSM020200-BZ
2x3 cmMSM020300-BZ
3x3 cmMSM030300-BZ
3x4 cmMSM030400-BZ
3x6 cmMSM030600-BZ
3x8 cmMSM030800-BZ