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ProFlo™ is a multipurpose, frozen allograft derived from amniotic fluid. As an all natural liquid matrix, ProFlo Amniotic Fluid Therapy (AFT)™ can be easily applied directly at the site of injury, inflammation and pain.

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Potential Clinical Applications:


• Orthopedics – augment tendon, fasciae, ligament and capsule repair
• Neurosurgery – chronic neuritis and pain
• Spinal Surgery – facet inflammation
• General Surgery – augment tissue repair
• Urology

Recommended Preparation Instructions:


  • For single patient one time use, ProFlo is packaged frozen with a locked cap and stored at – 80°C ± 15°C with a 2 year shelf life – can be stored for 6 months at – 20° C. It is intended for use as an additive for surgical applications associated with soft tissue procedures.
  • Remove product from cold storage and open outer packaging, thaw vial in hand
  • Using aseptic technique, draw allograft out of vial with a ~ 30 gauge or larger needle. • The HCT/P is ready to use (may or may not be used with a dilutent).

Available Configurations:


Item Number
Product Description
ProFlo (small, 0.25ml)
ProFlo (medium, 0.50ml)
ProFlo (large, 1.00ml)
ProFlo (x large, 2.00ml)